NOTICE: Manage rental electricity bills

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Property / Rental owners Call 79 447 443 and Stop worrying once and for all! Start collecting money towards electricity bills IN ADVANCE using this simple and proven prepaid card solution .... Boasting the latest RFID Contactless Card technology from AND Metering. Compact, Modern and Tamper proof. Regularly recommended by Estate Agents.

You'll kick yourself for not having chosen us before (or for choosing some other 'experimental' solution). This is the tried and tested system that does not bind you or your tenants to a service provider.

This standalone solution is simple yet very robust and will put you back in control by saving you money from day 1! Don't live at someone else's mercy. Take back control today.

Call Mario on 79 447 443 right away!

Contact details:

Name: Mario
Surname: -

Mob: +(356) 79 447 443  (you can message and we'll call you back)

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