TO LET: 2 Bedroom Flat To let from Owner

Ref: MCN1399118094
Consisting of kitchen and living room.
Bathroom and two double bedrooms with balcony.
Tv sets and automatic washing machine. All kitchen utilities.
Enjoys country view and only 5 minutes walk from the beach.
Price: Eur 280

Contact details:

Name: Abigail
Surname: Colombo
Tel: +356 9943 9698

(Property to let with country views. Property close to beach)

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  1. Is the price per day, per week, per month?

  2. its per month and for long let only over 1 year if you need for short let its 350 euro per month

  3. for long let over 1 year its 250 per month and short lets 350 euro per month and if you would like it for a week it 100 euros excluding electricity and water

  4. Hi,where is the property situated?please,thanks


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