FOR SALE: Kia Rocsta Custom 4X4 for parts

Ref: MCN1264153843
Toyota Carina 2.0 Turbo Diesel Engine,
Large Continental Cross Contact AT 33"x 12.5 Wheels (as new),
Leather Replica Range Rover Seats (as new), Chasis, Chrome side steps,
Back hard top, 16" Alloy Rims (as new), Body needs Repairs
Price: EUR 2000 or n/o

Name: Toby
Surname: Farrugia
E_Mail: info[at]
Tel: +356 99457701

(Diesel cars for sale Malta)


  1. This looks great for this budget, what do u mean by body needs repair,and you have not mentioned about the mileage and all.

  2. its for sale for the parts mentioned, needs repairs or new bonnet, windscreen, mudguards and front bumper thats why it is selling so cheap.I spent loads of money on customizing it and a years work, im too upset to repair it thats why I am getting rid of it or would do it myself!
    If someone arranges the damages it can be just as is in the pic and be worth 10.000 LM

  3. is it still for sale? has it got a lift kit and if yes is is still in good condition because of the hit or what ever it was involved in? So I am taking it that nothing on the front end survived, not even the bullbar and plastic fenders?


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